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With the unprecedented growth in mobile devices, social media and collaboration tools, providing a unified customer service experience is more important than ever before. With mobile devices becoming the “go to” device for many, Customer Care organizations have an onerous burden to support customers that have little patience for disconnected support channels or long wait times. Customers expect to reach an organization anytime, anywhere.

The mobile revolution has made the world a more “connected” place. Social networks now connect your customers to each other. Mobile devices connect them online. And mobile applications connect them to an enhanced user experience. It’s a connected world. Which makes one wonder why the customer service experience remains so disconnected? The new mobile self-service channel offers organizations an unprecedented opportunity to provide an improved self-service experience in the face of a more demanding customer base, by reducing inbound call volumes, unifying the support channels and minimizing waiting times, all while capturing one of the largest growing demographics: mobile customers.

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