Energy Efficiency Programs Design

S&H provides proven and cost effective energy efficiency programs. Improving energy efficiency has long been advocated as a way to increase the productivity and sustainability of society, primarily through the delivery of energy savings.

These tools developed by S&H gives program administrators and program managers a better way to handle the program and equip with reporting tools which give a broad and detailed picture how a program is meetings its goal of cost and savings.

It serves to different utility customers like commercial, multi-family & residential with online rebate applications and tracking the progress of the application until the incentives are calculated and paid.

Some common energy efficient programs administered by utilities include Lighting discounts, refrigerator recycling AC & Furnace rebates, Multi-Family Efficiency, HVAC, low income weatherization, ENERGY STAR® Homes.

Throughout this evolution, S&H has played a leading role in research and policy development for utility energy efficiency. We hope to maintain and build upon that leadership role. S&H’s team of experts connects real-world data, trends, and market research to create successful strategies and messaging for cost-effective campaigns.

Our clients and their customers have benefited from S&H’s constant innovation, attentive program execution and follow-through.

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