Reporting Solutions

S&H delivers the expertise and award-winning business intelligence solutions that accelerate your access to operational and historical data, speeding BI deployments and allowing business professionals to easily create, modify, and publish ad hoc reports without IT assistance.

Since 1994, S&H has been perfecting a faster, more cost-effective way to bridge the information gap that lies between enterprise application data and analytical reporting tools, empowering business professionals with the business insight they need to make data-driven decisions. S&H’s award-winning approach quickly solves the reporting challenge of accessing application data at the transaction level, in real-time, by auto-generating business views tailored to your unique business environment. The patented solution delivers more than one thousand pre-built reports, enabling business professionals to answer their own questions without waiting on IT for assistance.

S&H also addresses the need for historical trending and analysis of application data over time with a packaged analytics solution built on a data warehouse architecture. With breadth and depth of functional coverage for Oracle E-Business Suite unmatched in the industry, users throughout the organization will gain a greater understanding of their complex operations. Open architecture is key to the S&H solution. Rapid integration with all major BI platforms means S&H customers benefit from using their BI tool of choice, maximizing current investments in business intelligence.

Whether users need to build a report, create a dashboard, or analyze historical data, getting value from the data that is stored in your enterprise applications has never been easier. Data is useless when it’s spread throughout your organization in emails, sitting in disparate systems, or trapped in excel sheets and antiquated databases. An integrated Business Intelligence solution is about getting the information you need in the right format to the right people at the right time. It’s a set of applications and technologies designed to gather, store, analyze and deliver data. And it empowers every employee – from senior executives, to analysts, to business unit managers, to front-line staff – by supplying them with vital information so they can work better, faster and smarter.

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