SAP Utilities

Get the utility solutions you need whether you are focused on generation, transmission or distribution of utilities.

Taking a look at utilities around North America, we see an industry undergoing significant transformation in many areas, region to region. Drivers for this change center on autonomy, reliability and safety at lower costs. Two other huge trends are faster data and mobility. SAP for Utilities solutions support role-specific business processes in the utilities industry, addressing the needs of all utility companies. You can use SAP for Utilities for managing and billing residential, commercial and industrial customers, as well as engaging with prospective customers. It also allows you to manage and bill customers who receive services, purchase goods or pay fees and taxes. Find solutions for Energy Retail, Natural Gas, Water & Wastewater…and more!

Rely on Vertex’s SAP for Utilities expertise for the delivery of:

  • Master Data and Basic Functions
  • Customer Services
  • Work Management
  • Device Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Energy Data Management
  • Contract Accounts
  • Customer Relationship Management

The importance of industry-specific solutions comes from a very basic foundation of thought: every type of business is unique and therefore needs to be catered to accordingly. The same philosophy may not be applicable for automotive businesses and integrated steel plants, because both require entirely different approaches to business planning. The automotive industry is based on the assembling of equipment and parts—discrete manufacturing, whereas the integrated steel plant is a continuous manufacturing unit. Therefore, each business's functionalities are different in areas such as production and inventory management.

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