Utilities Network Design & Planning

we offer best network design solutions for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility network owner operators using top class design software available in the industry. Our engineering grade design solutions provide cost effective, GIS enabled , dynamic plan designs

S&H Engineering and Technologies Inc provides integrated engineering and construction standards with the design process and improved design and as-built workflows within an Utilities environment.

S&H Engineering will Design overhead and underground electric distribution networks using AutoCad and generate construction drawings and bills of materials (BOMs). Use data access tools to create intelligent base maps from contractor drawings, geographic information system (GIS) data, and external imagery and data sources

S&H Engineering will Streamline selection and placement of facilities with predefined engineering rules that are applied during the design process. S&H engineering will provide solutions using a comprehensive set of rules-driven engineering tools, including voltage drop and flicker calculations; underground cable pulling tension; overhead sag calculation for wind, ice, and temperature; and pole sizing and guying.

  • Auto desk Utility Design
  • Following bullets explain how we would design using Auto desk Utility Design
    • Model based design For Electric utility Distribution Networks
    • A designer retrieves the relevant base map to get started. As the design takes shape, embedded standards within the software help to associate the correct equipment sizes to the line work and symbols selected.
    • Engineering calculations take place within Autodesk Utility Design—designers no longer need to perform flicker, voltage drop, or other types of calculations manually.
    • Autodesk Utility Design helps engineers select the right equipment and materials for the job. That can save money by helping to prevent over-engineering, and save time by helping crews bring the right material quantities to job sites.

Gas System Design

S&H Engineering solutions will design Gas system by going through calculations, embedded standards, and automated BOMs using Auto desk Utility Design.

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