Utilities Solutions

S&H Utility Solutions was formed to service the growing market for integrated and sustainable energy solutions.

We come from an environment where life cycle investment decisions are based on developing a clear understanding of the trade-off between capital cost and life long performance and operating cost of the assets. We bring that background and understanding to our solutions. In particular the senior executives of S&H Services Group have a combined experience of over 70 years of senior utilities management between them and have overseen the development and delivery of billions of dollars worth of energy and water infrastructure.

We understand from our experiences, our customers and equipment manufacturers, the frustration in essential services projects not being pulled together effectively to meet a clients needs and expectations. We feel that the current energy market is only delivering parts of the viable solution and what is needed is the ability to integrate all the various elements to deliver genuinely sustainable long term solutions.

Renewable energy infrastructure is a key example of this problem and only through expert knowledge of the whole system dynamics can a solution be implemented. Many renewable project implementations lack the integration requirements and control technologies that allow them to operate and interact seamlessly with existing assets. S&H Utility Solutions combines technical expertise with utility management insight to provide the client the best fit solution for the utilities particular needs.

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